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Objects of the company

Depot Development Group owns nearly 150 real estate objects which include floorspace, offices and storehouses in Ukraine and Moldova. Total area of objects under control is 260 000 square meters. Area of objects on process is 120 000 square meters.

In 2009 DEPOT Development Group launched DEPO’t Center™ brand presented by the network of shopping malls, located in the regions with population above 50 000 people. Today every DEPO’t Center welcomes 10 000 – 15 000 visitors a day in Chernivtsy, Lubny and Mukolaiv

DEPO’t Center brand – is a network of shopping malls united by the same concept. Marketing strategy is aimed at the development of shopping culture and the whole family rest, providing a big range of goods, services and entertainment. At the shopping gallery more than 20 group of goods are presented. It includes famous world brands as well as stylish Ukrainian trademarks.

Exclusive features

Fantasy Town

DEPO’t Center is not only commercial but also social project. One of its outstanding features is to create celebration. Depo’t center™ – takes an active part in social development of the region by organizing and supporting youth movements. One of the mall’s main parts is Fantasy Town™ entertaining center.

Fantasy Town™ — is a final step to an accomplished idea of a shopping mall for family and joint rest. Depo’t center’s heart-whole wish is to provide every citizen with a variety of ways to relax.


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